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When things go wrong during a birth, they can go wrong quickly. Decisive action must be taken to save the mother and baby. Delayed C-sections can result in severe trauma to the fetus and at times, the laboring mother. In fact, medical guidelines suggest that a C-section should be performed within 30 minutes after circumstances dictate a decision to perform one.

When Doctors Fail to Act

When medical professionals miss signs because of inattentiveness or failure to perform up to the standard of care, the baby and/or mother can suffer serious, permanent harm. A delayed Cesarean section can result in critical and long-lasting harm.

Striving to Make Things Right Again.

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The San Francisco Birth Injury Law Office offers counsel and advocacy to the families of babies who have suffered severe, permanent injury as a result of a delayed C-section or emergency Cesarean issue. Whether a uterine rupture was negligently treated or fetal monitoring problems were not addressed, we are here to help you learn the truth and protect your rights.

We can and will provide references from clients that include clients whose babies were injured as a result of medical negligence, upon request and with their authorization.

Our attorneys have the proven ability to offer supportive guidance to clients, thoroughly investigate and grasp the nature of a baby’s injuries, gain an understanding of the lifelong care issues the family is facing and to resolutely and tirelessly pursue justice for our clients. Schedule your free initial consultation at with the firm.

Whether you are facing a case of Vacuum & vaginal delivery issues, Induction Injuries, Resuscitation Injuries or Emergency Cesarean section issues, our Attorneys will defend your rights.

In these delicate and sad cases, the experience of our Attorneys and the empathetic approach makes our Law Firm the choice for hundreds of clients.

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